I’m just a wife and mother who is trying to balance her career while shopping, staying healthy and living life!

It was not easy adjusting to becoming a wife with a husband who really needed to be trained (to do housework).  Once I figured I had trained him to a degree that was acceptable (meaning, he could actually give me some help around the house — he still cannot cook!), our beautiful daughter was born!  Adjusting to motherhood was a different and — challenging — experience.

I didn’t know how to stay at home for the first year.  No one ever tells you just how hard life will be after your baby is born.  Or rather there is just no way you can even imagine how difficult it will be.  I always thought I didn’t need much sleep.  I used to sleep 6 hours a night and be ready for work, no problem!  But when you have a baby, you could be up every hour, wake up in 4 hours and then have to be “working” physically, mentally and contain yourself emotionally.  For those who are used to taking sick days at work, there are no sick days when you are on maternity leave.  Even if you have the flu and running a fever, you will likely still have to get up when you hear your baby cry and tend to her needs while your body is aching and your baby is crying.  And you thought work was tough!

Career wise, I was pretty well established.  I thought I was tough and had handled the corporate world well enough that a baby would be easy peasy.  Being in IT, I was used to being pushed around in what is essentially a boy’s club.  When you are a mother and taking care of a baby, you can be doing the best you can to try to satisfy all his/her needs on virtually no sleep, working all day/night and still have a very unhappy screaming boss.  Talk about feeling like failure!


Thankfully, I survived.  Women are amazing.  When the going gets tough, just when you think there is no possible way you can summon up any more energy/patience, you just get tougher.

This blog is about how I keep surviving every day in the city I call home in Ottawa, Canada.  🙂




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