5 ways to wear pajamas outside of the house without looking weird


Hi Everyone,

Remember a few posts back when I talked about a pair of “Sunday Pants” I picked up at Aritzia?  My mom came to visit me one day, saw my pants and said “these are really in right now but they’re just like pajama pants!”  At first I was tempted to roll my eyes at her but then I thought, actually … they do look and feel like pajama pants.  Why did I pay over $100 for them??

Here are 5 tips for incorporating pajamas into your outfit without looking weird:

From Justin Bieber to Jessica Alba, many celebrities have recently been seen rocking the pajama style in public.   However, just because they are pulling off that look doesn’t mean it is easy.  Fortunately, by following a few tips, you may also be able to incorporate pajamas into your outfit without looking weird.

  1.  Choose the right type of pajamas

Wearing Daffy Duck themed pajama bottoms in public can catch a lot of attention and may make you look childish.  If you are going to wear pajamas pants or tops out of the house, ditch the fun prints and patterns and go for a solid color.  Beige, black, white and grey are colors that can help make your pajama pieces look more mature, plus they are easy to match.

Another important aspect of the pajamas is to make sure you choose a pair made from the proper fabric.  If you are going to be wearing the piece in the cold of the winter, you may want to go for flannel.  However, in the summer, silkier fabrics are definitely the way to go.  Not only are silk or faux silk pajamas great for warmer weather, but they also are made from an elegant fabric that may offset some of the casualness of pajamas.

  1. One piece at a time

While you may want to go out rocking a full on set of adult footed pajamas (which you can get at www.crazyforbargains.com), this isn’t the best way to pull off the stylish pajama look.  Decide on one piece, either a pajama top or bottom, and then base your outfit off of that.  If you wear matching pajama tops and bottoms, you won’t be incorporating pajamas into your outfit – your outfit will just be pajamas

  1. Make sure it fits well

One big positive of pajamas are that they can be more forgiving with your figure.  However, looser pajamas may also be harder to pull off stylishly.  Wearing slimmer fitting pajamas can give your outfit a more trendy edge, while helping to avoid the “just rolled out of bed” look.  If the top is loose, consider tucking it in or tying it off in the back to take up some of the extra fabric.  For the bottoms, tapered ankles can be the way to go.  If the pajamas are still loose, definitely wear a form fitting top or bottom to compensate for them.

  1. Balance it out with something more formal

If you are wearing pajamas out of the house, you will definitely want to complement them with some clothing that will bring an extra element of class to the outfit.  With pajama bottoms, wearing a nice button up shirt, blazer or vest and a trendy pair of heels can add classy elements to the outfit and offer a great contrast to the laid back style of the bottom.  Also, make sure your accessories shine.  Most people don’t sleep decked out in necklaces and other jewelry, so this can help confirm that you are making a fashion statement with the pajamas rather than just wearing them because they were on you this morning.

  1. Don’t get over ambitious

Yes, maybe a few celebrities have been seen wearing pajamas out on the red carpet recently.  However, while pajama pants may be part of the latest fashion trend, don’t get over ambitious with wearing them out of the house.  Wearing them to meet up with some friends for a casual gathering on a Saturday is one thing.  However, trying out the look for a job interview may be taking the trend too far.  At the end of the day, even though pajamas seem to be gaining some respect and popularity in fashion, this type of clothing is primarily meant for sleeping, watching tv, and eating cereal in.  In otherwords don’t try to wear pajamas in environments where they have no business.

Pajamas have become something of a fashion statement recently.  With celebrities showing up in them for photo opportunities, and high school students considering wearing them to prom, they only seem to be becoming more acceptable outside of the house.  By making sure they are form fitting and adding a few more formal pieces and accessories to your outfit, you may be able to incorporate pajamas into your outfits without looking weird.


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