Moving onto my next assignment

It’s that time again.  I gave my 2 weeks notice last Friday and I will be going to a company in Kanata.  

I wonder if my fellow consultants usually finish their assignments to the contract end date or do they usually resign a bit earlier?  I tend to resign as much as a month earlier if I find the right opportunity.  I think this sometimes make my clients not very happy with me.  :/

I find it almost takes as much time as the entire length of the contract for me to find the right opportunity next.  From networking to interviews, it’s a very lengthy process.  I probably spend about 6 months networking for my next opportunity and i pursue up to maybe 5-7 contracts.  i may submit for a contract but sometimes they already have someone for the job, or it gets cancelled, or it goes to someone else, or I withdraw because there was something I didn’t like.

It’s always a bit bittersweet to leave and go somewhere else.

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