March Madness is over, time to network

Now that March is over, it’s time to do some serious networking.  As I had mentioned in a previous post, I really dread these types of networking meetings.  This week, I am meeting with the following people (not including names or their companies):

1. A Senior Advisor at a billion dollars project – They are sponsoring my TS clearance (which costs $10K, depending on the department).  We will be talking about what kind of certifications I could obtain in the short-term to help position myself and what opportunities are upcoming.

2.  A head hunter for a local large software company – This one I am less interested in but it’s my back up plan in case I don’t win a big contract.  This one will surely pay less but I may be able to gain some good experience in a different field I am interested in.

3. The account manager I am currently working with – He is likely trying to find out more about the client I am at right now because there has been some change in organizational structure.  

Upcoming meetings to be scheduled:

1. Meeting with a Technical Architect consultant who seems very nice, could become a mentor for me.  Our career paths have mirrored each other except he has much more experience than I  do.

2. A Director for a large service provider – Typically I won’t see anything come out of a meeting like this immediately.  But it’s good to meet and hopefully I will be contacted down the road.

3.  A meeting with someone who is in the running for a top executive position – I help him strategize what he needs to learn about in preparation for his interviews.

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