My ideal job is not my current job

My husband and I often discuss what we would rather be doing if we had a choice.  My current job as an IT consultant is fairly lucrative but it’s what I would describe as a “bull shit job”.  I wouldn’t say that I am a paper pusher but my job is one that could easily not exist if we were being efficient.

So what would be more satisfying to me?  I would love to do something that has greater meaning, and have a lasting effect on the world.  It has to be something bigger than what we do every day and could change history.  To me, there is nothing greater than the galaxy(s).  I would love to explore space and then blog about discoveries.    I love to blog and I love space.  That would be the ideal job for me.  Even if I were to win the lottery one day, I would continue doing it.

What would be your ideal job?

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