Philosophy Eye Hope Review


I read a lot of reviews before buying beauty products that claim to relieve puffiness and remove dark circles.  Philosophy Eye Hope has a lot of great reviews and some people say that you have to use it for at least 7 weeks before you will see results.  Well now that the bottle is empty, I can confidently give you my review.

Don’t buy it!  At $49 a bottle, I didn’t see any results and it didn’t give my eyes that nice refreshing cucumber feeling that eye creams normally have.  In fact, this cream kind of smells.  If you don’t clean off the tip after you are done, the cream gets hard and is yellow too, yuck.

I don’t know if any eye creams really work to help remove dark circles.  Does anyone have any good recommendations?

If you still want to try it, you can buy it at Sephora:


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