We should all work from home when it snows


Yesterday’s snowfall in Ottawa measured 15-20 cm.  Cars were backed up on every major road in slush while backroads were covered in snow with hidden ditches. Little Honda Civics with all season tires were stuck in snow banks and many trucks/SUVs were on their sides because they think they don’t need to slow down with their super all-wheels handling (my husband is guilty of this!).  

The accidents and the backed up cars started in the morning and lasted until around 10:30am.  By 2:00, everyone was back on the roads again to “beat the traffic.”  Emergency vehicles, tow trucks were around every corner and cars were stalled to a stop.  On Prince of Wales, an OC Transpo bus broke down and completely blocked off 2 lanes on an already narrow street.  

Why do we not all work from home?  Especially on days like these.  Are we proving to our bosses that we are productive when we arrive late to work and have to leave early only to be stuck in traffic for 2 hours?  Why don’t we all stick together and find better ways to attack the weather rather than sticking to old school rules.  It doesn’t benefit anyone except for that smiling butt kisser named Walter who lives 5 minutes away from work and is shocked that people arrived late to work.  Walter is also the guy who still schedules meeting for 4PM on those winter storm days. He’s got immunity!

The reality is that urban homes cost 2 or 3x the cost of suburban homes.  We all have families and we live in the suburbs.  Work is not in the suburbs.  Work is an hour away and when there is snow or rain, work is 2 hours away.

When the weather is bad, we should all work from home.  Don’t try to be a super hero, you aren’t proving anything to anyone when you are only productive for only 5 hours at work. You cannot beat traffic, unless you are Walter. :/



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