How to build a great wardrobe with a few Designer pieces

It’s not necessary to have a closet packed with designer clothes.  All you need to know is how to build a small wardrobe that you can mix and match with your other non-designer clothes.  Here are some tips:

Sample Wardrobe:

1 – Silk Blouse (Does not need to be designer.  Choose colours like white, pink or light blue/green because they are easy to match.)  I would get it from either or even Winners!


1 – Skirt (Choose simple colours like black or textured black – I would get it from BCBG, Club Monaco or Michael Kors)

Image click-727076-10676125

1 – Professional Suit (Femme de Carriere, wait for their 50-70% off sales, sign up for their e-mails.  I would get a straight leg, black suit.  Banana Republic also has nice suits.)


1 – Cashmere Sweater (Choose something a size bigger than what you normally wear because they tend to shrink a bit in the wash.  I would buy a light coloured one: Beige or White.  I have one from Winners that is Beige and Peach.)


1 – Cocktail dress (Again, I would choose one from BCBG).  If you want to be safe, choose a black one.


1 – Sexy dress (Short mini either from Marciano or BCBG).


1 – Statement pants/jeans (I have some fake leather leggings/pants that are great for pairing with a nice silk blouse or sweater.  They are edgy and can make any outfit look amazing.  Rag & Bone have some great metallic jeans or pants too).


1 – Classic black pumps 


1 – Beige/nude high heels (open toed or strappy)


1 – A beige trench coat (I have a beige one from Club Monaco and a black one from Burberry)


1 – A leather jacket (Mackage)



  1. Great tips for a wardrobe. 🙂

  2. Great post thanks for sharing.ill try this tips

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