New “umbrella stroller” – City Mini

Just picked up this in green at Kiddytown off St Laurent.

This is actually our THIRD stroller. We first bought a Peg Perego and one of the wheels broke off. Then we went to Kiddytown and picked up a City Select, which is awesome and we still use it. I love the large cargo space, the ability to add another seat, and the big tires + suspension is great for bumps/snow.

For ease of traveling, we needed a light-weight stroller that would not take up much space and still have great handling.  We went to the Toronto Zoo and also Niagara Falls last year and bought some cheap strollers from Wal-Mart and another store.  They did not have full canopies, barely any cargo areas, the wheels would get stuck all the time and there was no padding on the seats.  We plan on going to Disney World in a little while and decided that these dinky umbrella strollers would not suffice.

So we went out to Kiddytown off St Laurent to check out strollers.  We ended up picking up a City Mini in green.  It’s super light (around 10 pounds) and you can collapse it with one hand. The back of the stroller can go all the way down and the canopy covers a lot in case the child wants to nap.  At $280, the price was more expensive than your usual $20-50 umbrella strollers.  But we think it is worth it since we will be doing a lot of walking.

I have to say, if you are looking to buy a stroller, go to Kiddy town. Zack (sp?) knows a lot about strollers and will be able to tell you anything you need to know. He has the Bob and also this City Mini in crimson red for his little one.  We bought our monster City Select from him too.  Amazing service.

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