Valentines Day

My post is very late but as the saying goes, better late than never!  🙂

This year my Hubby and I decided to play it a bit low key.  We went out for lunch at for some yummy oysters:


We had 8 oysters between us as appetizers.  For the main course, my husband picked the Banh Mi (their version of the Vietnamese chicken sandwich) and I had a lobster roll. 

The oysters were really fresh and just MELTED in our mouths. Tip for oyster eaters: Just use a knife! Cut the oyster from its shell and use it to push it into your mouth. Chew it a few times, swallow it and wait to savour the flavour. MmmmmMMMMM. As with good pieces of steaks, oysters tastes best in their original, untainted form.  That way you can really taste its full flavour.

The lobster roll didn’t disappoint either.  I got full just on the pieces of lobster.  I skipped out on the buttered roll.  My husband finished the fries that came with my meal.

Another highlight of the restaurant is that they play music on vinyl — we happily chowed down our food to the tunes of The Beatles.

The Whalesbone is a great place to go if you plan on celebrating an anniversary or just want some yummy food and fresh oysters!

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