Prep time


I noticed the other day that my total prep time has dwindled down to merely a few minutes.  Showering and hair drying time excluded (although hair STYLING time has surely gone down), because I think I am at the minimum required time for those two activities anyway.

It only takes me a few minutes to do my make up now and I attribute that to using quality products to keep my skin in good condition.  I also know my face and skin a lot better compared to when I was in my teens or early twenties.  I don’t need to use a million products and follow several steps as my beauty regimen.

Skin care and application of make up varies from person to person.  What works for me may not work for you.

Here are some tips I have picked up along the years:

1. Try to skip the make up on the weekends.  I don’t preach this because it “lets my skin breathe” as many would say.  I do this because it allows me to not have to wash my face as much during the weekends.  I have normal-dry skin.  My skin is usually pretty normal and if I use too many products, it gets dry.  If I don’t do anything to my face on the weekends, it means I don’t have to use scrubs or a lot of face soap.

2.  I use quality skincare products that are right for my skin type.  My skin type is normal-dry but I also have Asian skin.  I use Shisheido products (night cream, moisturizing masks), PCA skin products (day cream with SPF), Aveeno (daily scrub) and  Dermalogica (hydrating booster).  I do not use a toner with my skin because it will dry out my face.

3.  I use high quality make up and don’t play with a lot of random new stuff.  Mascara (I only wear maybe twice a month – Shisheido), Eyeliner (Shisheido), Foundation (Shisheido), Lips (Fresh – Sugar Passion chapstick/lipgloss, Stila lipgloss) and Eye Shadow (Stila).  Normally I use some foundation on my face lightly, some eyeliner (blend it in) and some tinted chapstick.

That’s it!  Those are my beauty secrets for face! Stay tuned to Beauty post #2: Hair Secrets.



  1. I’m glad someone else out there doesn’t wear makeup on the weekends! I really love to let my skin breath and can’t help but feel a tad guilty smothering it in chemicals daily. My daily makeup has become very simple now apart from trying the occasional product. I’ve found Moroccan Oil to make a huge change to to my hair routine as I don’t need to use conditioner or heat style it any more. I can never understand how people find the patience to slap all these make up layers on daily, brave ladies!

    Clare x

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