Hot Kate Spade find at Winners

Sometimes I visit Winners when I am looking for new girly picture frames to decorate the side of my bed or my office desk.  This time a structured, caramel coloured handbag with hot pink straps caught my eyes.

Meet my darling new Kate Spade:


I know, it’s January and clearly this is meant for Spring but how often do you find a Kate Spade for $150?  I walked around the store and posed in the mirrors with this handbag.  I debated whether or not to get it when I realized my wallet costs more than this — that’s when I decided that it’s a fun bag to just switch to for fun.  I made a great decision because I love how the interior is a very light golden beige.  It’s got little pockets to help keep me organized.  This is a fun, affordable handbag that is also very functional!  It just goes to show you girls, don’t forget to stop by your local Winners for great fashion deals!

I have to say though, in comparison to my more expensive handbags (Prada, Louis Vuitton), the quality is not as high.  I am not very fond of the double threading in the front and the leather is already showing a little bit of wear (some wrinkling).  Louis Vuitton uses cowhide that is extremely durable.  This is like a soft leather that you might find from Danier.  Regardless, at $150, I cannot ask for more.

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