Thank you gift from my Hubby – A Louis Vuitton surprise

Weeks ago my husband left on a plane for Las Vegas to attend a week long work conference.  While he was away, life was quite hectic here at home.  Since I was taking care of my busy toddler without him, I worked shorter hours during the day and had to make up for the hours after putting her to sleep.  I guess he felt grateful that I was there to cover for him while he got to decompress because he brought me back a gift.
Meet my new Louis Vuitton wallet!  He picked this up in North America’s largest Louis Vuitton store.  While the price was pretty unreasonable for a wallet, I have to say that the quality is amazing.  The sizing is perfect and it’s easy to stay organized because it’s very functional.  This is a worthwhile piece to invest in.  Since your wallet is not usually exposed to weather, under normal conditions, it should stay in good condition for a very long time.

Ever bought a new wallet every year because the zipper broke, or the threading came out or the colour wasn’t “in” anymore?  Doubt that will happen with this wallet!

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